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Day Time
Monday to Thursday *Under Appointment / Scheduling
Friday 15h00 - 19h30
Saturday 14h30 - 19h30
Sunday 14h30 - 19h30
Holidays - Monday to Thursday 14h30 - 19h30
Holidays - Friday to Sunday Regular schedule

For clarification, reservations or scheduling, call: +351 967 717 100 / 255 723 348.

If the schedule you want is different from the above, please call us. We are available to consider it with you.



Rua de Elisio Meireles Ferreira de Sousa
Edifício Casas da Colina, Loja L
4560-538, Penafiel


Penafiel, A4 - Penafiel / Lousada (Intermarché) highway exit,
Turn right towards Penafiel,
1st building in the left after going under a viaduct.

How to get to Gate Alpha


A4 (Porto - Vila Real)

Exit: Penafiel North - City Center

Transportation networks

Valpi: Av. Pedro Guedes (640 meters distance)

Contact: +351 255 718 000


Train track with station in Santiago/Novelas – Penafiel (1000 meters distance)

Contact: +351 255 711 034 / +351 255 721 097

Times and prices of this train track on the CP site.


Taxi stand

Phone: +351 255 212 471

Common questions

Virtual Reality

1. What is Virtual Reality?

  • Virtual reality, VR, is a sophisticated technology that allows its user to feel and interact with an ultra-realistic virtual world through specialized equipment
  • With VR you are not a mere spectator. Here you don't control a character, the character is you!

2. I'm not used to games, is virtual reality right for me?

  • Of course! Virtual reality is much more than just a game and anyone, whatever their age or taste, will find something for them.
  • Accustomed or not to video games, we are here to accompany you and help you have a unique and unforgettable moment!


1. How do reservations work?

  • Reservations are mainly made on our website via the corresponding button. You can also call for more detailed information (birthdays, team building,...)
  • The process is very intuitive, just choose the date, time, number of boxes and duration.
  • Depending on the availability of our boxes, you can also show up at the place without reservation.

2. What games can I try?

  • We offer games within a wide range of categories to suit all ages and tastes.
  • You can check the current list here.

3. Is there an age limit?

  • There is no age limit for trying out VR. The minimum age depends on the chosen experience and is explicit in the experience description. Younger children must be accompanied by an adult.

4. How much does this cost?

  • You can consult our price list here.

5. How can I pay?

  • Payment must be made on site.

6. How many people can play at the same time?

  • We have 5 Boxes equipped with VR headsets, so the limit is 5 people at the same time.
  • If you choose the group rate, you can share the box and split the price for up to 4 people.
  • It's also great fun to see other people playing!

7. Can I try more than 1 game during my session?

  • Yes! Within the time limit you will have complete freedom to choose and change the game inside the VR glasses.
  • The interface is very intuitive to use and the staff will always be there to help if needed.

8. Are there only individual experiences?

  • Not! You will have at your disposal a list of games which include some multiplayer.
  • You can play with someone you know by selecting both the same game!

9. Can I offer a VR experience?

  • Yes! You can buy a voucher for a 30, 60 or 90 min session and give it to someone.
  • Buy your voucher here.

10. Is there parking in the area?

  • Yes! The building where we are located has a large parking area for free use.


1. Will I crash into the walls?

  • Very hardly. Thanks to HTC Vive's tracking system, you'll always know where you are in physical space while inside the VR.
  • When you approach the limits of the game zone, projections of obstacles will appear and you will know not to continue in that direction.

2. Do I have to take off my glasses?

  • It's not necessary, you can wear the glasses during the experiment. HTC Vive adapt to most eyewear formats.
  • However, if you are able to wear contact lenses, it would be preferable!

3. Are there any limitations that might prevent me from trying VR?

  • The ideal experience requires users to be able to move their head and neck, as well as having at least 1 hand to interact with the environment. At Gate Alpha we can accommodate most mobility and cognitive levels.
  • However, we recommend that users with previous medical problems (epilepsy or heart problems), pregnant women or elderly people exercise caution in selected experiences.
  • We are always available to tailor the experience to your needs! Please don't hesitate to contact the responsible person on site.

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