Cave Digger

Ação , Casual

Cave Digger is a virtual reality mining game for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Windows MR.

The game takes place in a small town of an alternative western universe. Gear up with well used second hand tools and devices - jump into the elevator that will take you deep down into the mine. Explore the rich veins that are just waiting for the honest, hard workers to whack their pickaxes at!

Return back to the surface to reward yourself! Upgrade your tools to advance deeper. New tools open other possibilities for the brave worker: harder materials and more valuable treasures are just waiting for you behind the next block of granite.

How much riches will be enough? Are you able to stop? What happens if you don’t?
The answer to these questions and more is found at the bottom of the mine.

"For all new miners out there, we'd like to inform you that Frontier Mining is running a special program for the bravest of miners. For a few dollars more, you get to sign a DLC, a Digger's Life Contract, after which you'll be transferred to a deeper mine to explore what's in it. You will be granted new contract-exclusive tools from the Nation's top-of-the-line research institute. DLC-signed miners widely have said that it was probably the best signing of their mining career.

This has been a Frontier News ad. Apply for the Frontier Special Program today!"

Key Features in Cave Digger: Riches (DLC)

  • 6 new endings – some are quite straightforward, others you have to unveil.
  • Chaos Gauntlet: new experimental mining item – ever tried to punch those rocks in hope of breaking them? Now you can - but beware of the risks this experimental, unproven tool carries.
  • Tool belt: better organization of tools.
  • 1 new level: Lava – things can get quite hot in there.
  • Many new kinds of riches for the inquisitive digger.
  • A competitive mode to find the hardest worker of them all. 10 levels with constant loot and all tools available. There is a leader board at the Frontier saloon.
  • And more!