Space Block Buster

Ação , Casual , Desporto

Bringing back the old-school

Space Block Buster is a game that gathers inspiration from arcade games of the past and brings the best experiences into VR. Score higher points at every stage utilizing block patterns, buffs, and items that can only be experienced in VR.

You can use both rackets in your hands to smash the balls that destroy obstacles allowing you to space travel, and finally face the Boss, guarding its territory using space powers.

Get your friends & family hooked up on VR!

  • Intuitive gameplay that allows even new VR users to enjoy it right from the start
  • Simple, yet addicting and challenging once you get to higher stages
  • Excellent for small spaces thanks to the racket extension function


  • Single-player mode: 40 stages & 4 boss stages with their own unique themes and skills
  • Multiverse mode: PVP mode that allows you to compete against other players
  • Challenge modes to get unlimited scores
  • Various items, buffs, rackets, and balls allowing for diverse gameplay
  • Item skins unlockable through achievements
  • Global leaderboards
  • Natively supports Oculus Rift and Windows Mixed Reality HMD without the need of SteamVR
  • Supports mixed reality capture with LIV
  • Supports bHaptics Tactosy

Space Block Buster is a VR game that can give you the pleasure of smashing balls and destroying blocks in the most creative ways.

Take your headset, prepare your racket, and get ready to join on a journey to deep wild space!